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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Focus on Asset Life Cycle Management of Physical and IT Assets — not only track the assets, but also manage their life cycles

Key business processes in the Life Cycle Management of physical and IT assets:

Record– Verifying, recording and reporting receipt of physical and IT assets (equipment, supplies and material).  Recording of assets can be done via data import, manual add and edit, or by connecting the eQuip! asset management software with ERP systems.

Use– Transferring and reserving assets, assigning assets to people, transferring assets among different locations, combining different assets into kits, and building components into assembled products.

Maintain – Supporting the repair, calibration, preventative maintenance of assets. Set up of work orders with parts and labor, and track these work orders.

Audit – Verifying the location and exact count of the assets, and providing proof that the assets are audited.

Report – Generating reports about the life cycle management of physical and IT assets to support decision making.

DisposeDisposing and retiring assets at the end of asset life, for a variety of reasons.


“I like how eQuip! can be customized to fit our organizational processes. Field names can be changed, new fields can be added. All can be done easily. As the administrator, I also like the fact that I can manage the user permission easily, giving different users different access rights to different set of information. The Batch Data Import and Export processes work better than any other system I have used, and any fields that are added or modified are actually added or change in the database. They are also added to the Import/Export templates which is being exceptional. The level of customization that is available right out of the box far surpasses our expectations, and allows us to meet all of our organizational requirements.” – Mark Brown, Property Management Specialist, NCI Information Systems, Inc.



Video: Check Out and Check In assets with Mobile Phones — Keep Track Chain of Custody

Check out the 6 business processes in Asset Life Cycle Management:


Find out how the eQuip! system manages physical and IT assets throughout their life cycles!

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