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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

CIO Review - 20 Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers

"We designed eQuip! to serve as a platform, connecting with other data sources, such as purchasing and IT service support systems, to sync the data."

Enterprise Asset Management Business Software and Services

E-ISG Asset Intelligence provides the end to end enterprise asset management software and  services to help our customers to manage their physical and IT assets more efficiently

  • Developing the strategy and business processes
  • Identifying the needs for asset management tools and the requirements
  • Training the staff on business rules and regulations
  • Conducting inventory services to reconcile asset database

While we at E-ISG Asset Intelligence focus on developing and supporting our easy to use and flexible asset management software eQuip!, we have a partner team who can work with us to provide the end to end asset management system deployment services.


Find out how easy it is to migrate to an automated asset management solution!

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Business strategy and processes for enterprise asset management

  • Enterprise asset management gap analysis and implementation plan
  • Enterprise asset management training
  • Enterprise asset management system needs analysis
  • Enterprise asset management process, procedure, and policy review, development, and implementation

Inventory services

  • Establishing base line inventory before installing an enterprise asset management system
  • Asset valuation
  • Inventory reconciliation (book to floor/floor to book)
  • IT asset inventory services
  • Barcode asset tagging or RFID asset tagging

Government property management business processes

  • Property management systems analysis, to prepare for government audits (DCMA, DCAA, etc.)
  • Contractor self assessment
  • Corrective Action Response (CAR) support
  • Federal proposal and contract support
  • Training on FAR 52.245-1
  • Subcontractor assessment
  • UID (Unique Identification) planning, preparation and implementation support
  • PCARSS implementation support (disposition and transfer)

Mobile asset tracking technology solutions

  • Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) and Real Time Data Visibility using RFID, GPS, and IP networks
  • RFID system design and implementation
  • Cloud based middleware for integrating data from connected devices (RF/RFID, Wireless, GPS, Cellular, Sensors, Biometric, etc.) and transforming them into useful information based on business rules
  • Mobile scanners