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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Institute Automated Asset Tracking Solution in Commercial Enterprises to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Loss, Protect Intellectual Property, and Meet Regulatory Requirements

Problems in Asset Tracking and Asset Management for Commercial Enterprises

  1. Loss of equipment due to lack of asset audit trail
  2. Loss of sensitive product samples due to lack of controlled transfer of custody
  3. Overpayment on property taxes due to lack of timely update on asset disposition
  4. Lack of a single software platform to organize the information about “Where”, “What”, and “Who” of physical assets

How equipment management for federal granteesto solve the problems with the eQuip! asset management and asset tracking solution

  1. Maintain asset audit trail
  2. Institute approval process for transfer of sensitive items
  3. Implement asset disposition processes and requirements
  4. Connect with other systems to create one single platform for asset inventory information

Why Choose the eQuip! for enterprise asset management and asset tracking solution

  1. One integrated web based solution, including mobile apps on purpose built barcode scanners, smartphones and tablet devices.
  2. Flexible architecture to allow for quick changes in asset fields, workflow actions, reports
  3. Guided customer on boarding process to configure the system to support unique business processes.
  4. Flexible tools for system administrators uses to update workflow actions, add approval steps and email notifications.
  5. Flexible software deployment models including Software as a Service, and Managed Hosting with clustered servers in different continents to ensure performance and scalability.
  6. Built in support for asset tracking technologies like RFID and Bluetooth tags

Use cases for the eQuip! enterprise asset management and asset tracking solution

  1. Track the chain of custody of product samples in the global supply chain to protect intellectual property
  2. Track the movement of certain materials in the manufacturing process to meet regulatory requirements, such as Anexo 24 for IMMEX companies
  3. Install RFID readers and tags to automate the tracking of sensitive items in the field
  4. Track the movement of physical assets across different states to provide accurate information for property taxes

Transform the Processes to Protect Product Samples Embedded with Intellectual Property: