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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

The eQuip! Government Property Management system supports innovative government contractors to prepare US Troops to fight more effectively and return home safely.

Customer: The AEgis Technology Group Inc. ( specializes in utilizing modeling & simulation (M&S) technology to support weapon systems development and create training solutions so our troops make it home safely.

Challenge: Customer is tasked to deliver Improved Moving Target Simulation Systems (IMTS). These are 360 degree fully immersive visual simulation systems with state-of-the-art computer image generators. They will help to prepare US troops to fight more effectively and return home safely. To deliver this program, AEgis is required to upload the Unique Item Identifier (UII) data into the DoD IUID Registry to maintain accountability of each IMTS system utilizing DoD’s Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) component of the government’s Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT) system.

Solution: The Customer uses eQuip! Government Property Management system, electronically transmitting all the IMTS system and component data from its Government Property system or record to DoD’s IUID registry.

Outcome: Customer meets all the contractual requirements on IUID for this contract. The IMTS systems helped our troops to fight more effectively and return home safely. Below is the video about the IMTS systems.



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