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When selecting a COTS enterprise asset management software system, what are the criteria should you be considering?

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we believe that there an enterprise asset management software system should be Flexible, Extendable, and Mobile.

The Flexible, Extendable, and Mobile framework will ensure that the organizations achieve the objectives of asset management:

  • Connect with other systems (owned by different department), share data and business processes, to achieve organizational support and coordinate planning
  • Generate customer reports easily to support the monitoring of key performance metrics as agreed to by the organization
  • Leverage the mobile technology to improve asset performance and facilitate sharing of information in all computing platforms, to further gain organizational buy-in

If you would like to learn more about why these criteria are important, you can download the white paper “Key Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management System” here.

Choose right when selecting an Enterprise Asset Management System

Flexible, Mobile, Extendable