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eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management SaaS (Software as a Service)– Easy to Deploy and Highly Scalable Solution

What Is Unique About Enterprise Asset Management SaaS solution eQuip!?

  • Enterprise Asset Management SaaS model extends the architecture design of the web based Enterprise Asset Management software to the Cloud based deployment model.
  • Take advantage of Cloud based deployment options to provide a low cost, pay-as-you-go solution to manage physical assets from anywhere.
  • Highly scalable: the application can support all sizes of organizations, from a small office tracking less than a hundred items to an entire enterprise with multiple divisions and offices.
  • Highly secure and reliable with high performance standards.
Comparing Features among eQuip! SaaS and Managed Hosting

Key Benefits from Deploying eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management SaaS in Your Organization

  • A robust platform for managing the fiscal and physical visibility to your assets, so you can make better decisions to improve business operations.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Low front end investment and less risk.
  • Savings on IT resources.
  • Deploy the application on all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablet computers.
  • Always have the latest version of the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management Software (SaaS).
  • Start with low tier subscriptions and upgrade later.
  • Predictable operational costs.

eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management SaaS Provides Out-of-Box Solutions for Different Asset Management Needs

The SaaS delivery model means a low-front end investment and enables users to choose from subscription tiers based on the number of users, and they can scale as their organizations grow. In addition, cloud-deployment means users always have the latest version of eQuip! without having to perform upgrades in house or to purchase a new version — ISV Spotlight, BlueStar Inc.