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Enterprise Asset Management Software Support — Customer On Boarding and Ongoing Support

For eQuip! enterprise asset management software support, please log in to to access latest eLearning videos, product training schedules, and product update information. 

Check out weekly training sessions for eQuip! software, targeted for new customers to get familiar with eQuip! within 2 weeks. Go to These weekly training sessions are held at 1 p.m. (Eastern), on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

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We provide two types of services for Enterprise Asset Management Software Support:

Enterprise Asset Management software solution eQuip! supports the business processes of managing physical assets throughout their life cycle. These processes interact with multiple departments in the organization. Before implementing an automated enterprise asset management software solution, we recommend that customers understand their goals for asset management, align their stakeholders on the goals, and train them on the business processes. Then they can configure eQuip! to support these business processes. Prior to implementing the technology, they also need to make sure they understand the data requirements for the asset management system. These are critical elements in the Customer On Boarding services

For any new users of enterprise asset management software solutions, we recommend that users take the time to prepare data, train the people, and update their business processes, in order to fully achieve the benefits from our software solutions. Depending on the size of deployment, we have different tiers of Customer On Boarding services. Mostly, they consist of the following areas of support:

  • Data preparation (identifying asset data from purchase orders, excel sheets, ERP systems, and other systems)
  • Work with the customer to import and calibrate data from other systems, paper records and excel sheets
  • Import data into eQuip!
  • Configure asset fields, workflows, and set up customized reports
  • Training all users
  • Set up different users and their access rights
  • Connect with other systems, such as ERP, IT Discovery
  • Assist the customer to install and configure eQuip! On Premise in their environment

Post Implementation Routine Enterprise Asset Management Software Support

  • Product updates
  • Routine technical support
  • Expanded technical support

Product updates: enhanced features and functionality, user interface enhancement, and performance enhancement. We typically provide 3 major new product releases in a calendar year, with periodic small updates in between.

  • Customers of eQuip! SaaS or Managed Hosting enjoy the benefits of these product updates free of charge, as part of the monthly or annual subscription plan
  • Customers of eQuip! On Premise enjoy the benefits of routine product updates if they have an updated Maintenance and Support contract.

Routine technical support: bug fixes, user support, access to E-ISG knowledge base and group training.

Expanded technical support: additional configuration, customized reports, customized training, system integration. Customers can purchase expanded technical support packages in a couple of different ways:

  • Upgraded levels of Maintenance and Support service
  • Pre-paid incidence support plans

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we focus on providing the most efficient customer support.  Our customers have access to our customer support portal 24/7, which has updated information about latest product releases, user knowledge depository, and user support ticket information.

You can email to or call 1-866-845-2416, ext. #1 during regular business hours (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern, Monday to Friday excluding major holidays).