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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Switching to an Automated Asset Management System is Made Easy

Choose eQuip! vs. Asset Panda?

The decision is an easy one. eQuip! makes it easy to switch to an automated asset management system, while saving you money on subscription price. What eQuip! can do but Asset Panda can’t:

  • Import existing barcodes or generate new ones and print them in bulk
  • Save and reuse templates for entering new assets
  • Support using Parts Master for entering new assets
  • Search and Edit in one grid
  • Use mobile phones to audit by location or by people, check out and check in assets
  • Support different business rules for managing equipment, material, and supplies
  • Provide multi-tiered asset category structure and support Parent/Child relationships


“The use of eQuip! has allowed us to cut our temporary data entry operator staff from 20 employees last year, to 3 employees this year. ” — Johnson Controls

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