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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Enterprise Asset Management Software – eQuip! On Premise with Managed Hosting

eQuip! Managed Hosting servers

eQuip! Managed Hosting provides robust enterprise software services without constraining internal IT resources.

Why Choose eQuip! Managed Hosting?

  • You want to own the perpetual licenses for single site or multi-site deployment
  • You need more specific hosting environment to meet performance and security requirements
  • You want to save on in-house IT resources
  • You want to leverage the platform and extend it to other areas by developing additional applications using eQuip! APIs and SDKs

 Comparing Features

Comparing features among eQuip! SAAS and Managed Hosting services


Comparing features among different managed Hosting Options

How Is eQuip! Unique?

  • It is designed as a software platform.
  • It has integrated all the key features needed to support the life cycle management of assets in one platform.
  • It provides additional key functionality for asset management: maintenance and work order management, facilities planning, property chain of custody management. Other Enterprise Asset Management software solutions provide these functionality in additional modules, while eQuip! provides them in one integrated solution.

What Are the Key Advantages of eQuip! as Enterprise Asset Management Software?

  • A robust platform for managing the fiscal and physical visibility to your assets, so you can make better decisions to improve business operations.
  • Easy migration. eQuip! software is designed to support data import and export with your most common file formats like excel and csv files. We work with our customers to prepare for the data migration.
  • It supports unlimited users. Administrators in an organization can set different user roles, which allow different levels of access to the information in the Enterprise Asset Management system.
  • Support native mobile applications eQuip! Mobile on iOS, Android, and Win Mobile. Users can use common mobile devices to manage assets in the field.
  • Easy integration with other applications via web APIs.
  • Our managed service provides you with easy and fast deployment.

Why Does eQuip! Managed Hosting Provide Out-of-Box Frameworks For Managing Enterprise Assets?

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