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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Newslide1Benefits for providing different out-of-the-Box Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

  • Ease of initial set up
  • Provide best practices based on evolving needs from specific industries and functions
  • Each out-of-box framework can be further configured during the initial set up

Available out-of-the-box frameworks for the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management Solutions:

  • IT Asset Management — It allows IT departments to track all their IT hardware, software, and service contracts, as well as other physical assets.  It can be configured to connect with IT Asset Auto Discovery Tools to provide regular update on the asset list.
  • Government Property Management — It allows federal government contractors to manage Government Property in a way to be compliant to FAR/DFARs rules on property management systems, including the IUID requirements. It also support their management of corporate owned assets.
  • Enterprise Asset Management – It allows any businesses and government agencies with large facilities to organize their physical assets, track owned and leased assets, manage maintenance activities on capital equipment.
  • Nonprofit – It allows nonprofit organizations to cost effectively manage their physical assets, save money and manual labor hours. For those nonprofit organizations that receive federal grants, it allows them to meet the inventory audit and property management requirements in Uniform Guidance.  can be customized to support each customer’s unique process and rules of managing assets.
  • Emergency Management – It allows emergency management agencies to organize and manage their emergency management equipment inventory by AEL(Authorized Equipment List) categories, meet the reporting and inventory audit requirements from their federal and state grant agencies.
eQuip! IT Asset Management solution

Track IT hardware and software. Link with auto discovery tools to update asset database. Store contracts and agreements.

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eQuip! Government Property Management Solution

Organize GFP and CAP by contract, by project, by site and location. Support 10 outcomes in FAR requirements.

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eQuip! Emergency Management Solution

Used by emergency management agencies in the state and local government to track equipment purchased with FEMA grants. The solution not only informs them of what equipment they have, where the equipment is, and who has the equipment, but also helps them to account for the use of the equipment and justify during a Homeland Security audit of the funds,

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