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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

eQuip! for Emergency Management:  All-in-One Equipment Management Solution for Emergency Management Agencies

Emergency management operations can spend less time in tracking equipment and preparing for audit reports, and more time in disaster preparedness and response. Our solutions support the unique requirements for federal grantees.


Key challenges for emergency management agencies in managing their equipment

  • Keep an accurate and up to date database of equipment that can be deployed during emergency operations: what equipment, where they are, in what condition
  • Share the information of the accurate and up to date equipment inventory among neighboring justifications and volunteering organizations
  • Keep track of the use of equipment purchased with FEMA grants, and report them as required by grant audits

How eQuip! for emergency management solutions address these challenges

  • Categorize all the equipment based on FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL), organize them by jurisdiction and location, track their maintenance schedule and update their working conditions, track the inventory of equipment, schedule the use of equipment and resources
  • Provide users with access to different sets of information, granting access without compromising the integrity of data
  • Track the cost and use of equipment purchased with each grant, provide asset use record to support FEMA reimbursement, automatically generate reimbursement form based on mutual aid agreements and pre-determined labor rates, automatically generate required FEMA grant reports

Key benefits of eQuip! for emergency management for emergency management agencies

  • Be well prepared for disaster situation
  • Share resources and support community based emergency preparedness
  • Efficiently deploy equipment and resources during disaster recovery
  • Support FEMA grant audits

Justification for choosing eQuip! for emergency management

  • Easy to deploy and implement, with out of box FEMA Authorized Equipment List categories of equipment, FEMA reimbursement forms, and grant reporting templates
  • Low cost of service, available in Software and Service or On Premise
  • Expert support from the E-ISG Asset Intelligence team, who have in-depth experience in deploying the solution with many emergency management agencies across the nation

Tangible benefits from deploying eQuip! for emergency management

  • Reduce data entry time by 80%
  • Generate required annual grant reports in a few minutes
  • Deploy disaster response equipment rapidly
  • Maintain visibility to resources outside of the jurisdiction

Key features in eQuip! for managing emergency equipment

  • Track equipment costs and use by jurisdiction, department, grant year and grant type
  • View the availability of shared equipment and schedule the use of equipment
  • Generate property pass to check out equipment and keep the record on the chain of custody
  • Track the location and condition of vehicles 24/7 with GPS tags
  • Generate alerts for equipment that has been idled for a certain period
  • Use mobile barcode scanners to conduct physical audits
  • Tag equipment deployed in the field with RFID tags to support tighter control of the equipment check in and check out  process


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