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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Enterprise Asset Management Software for Educational Institutions

Legal Asset Management SoftwareE-ISG Asset Intelligence has been helping many colleges, and school districts manage their assets more efficiently to meet their business needs.

Many educational institutions receive federal grants are required to manage the equipment (capitalized assets and consumables) to meet the requirements in Part 74.31-37 of 45 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)

Part 74 of 45 CFR — Uniform Administrative Requirements for awards and sub awards to institutions of higher education, hospitals, other organizations, and commercial organizations; and certain grants and agreements with states, local governments and Indian tribal governments.

Challenges in Managing Facilities and Enterprise Assets for Educational Campuses

  • Tracking common equipment being moved and used across different campuses and facilities
  • Scheduling routine maintenance as part of asset life cycle management
  • Managing IT assets
  • Meet the requirements from federal funding agencies on equipment inventory record and inventory audit
  • Recycling and reusing electronic equipment
  • Support accurate documentation of assets for insurance coverage
  • Establishing business continuity and disaster preparedness plans

Benefits of the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management solutions

  • Maintain a complete and up to date list of assets, from furniture, vehicles, to IT assets
  • Facilitate the asset move work flow
  • Facilitate scheduling of common assets
  • Track the maintenance on capital equipment

What Can the eQuip! Enteprise Asset Management System Do for Educational Campuses?

  • Manage Physical and IT Assets: track what, where, and who has the assets
  • Keep accurate equipment records with the required asset information: description, manufacturer’s serial number/NSN, ownership, acquisition date and cost, condition, disposition data
  • Report up to date asset inventory by location, by program
  • Tracking funding sources of equipment, single award or multiple awards
  • Support inventory audit best practices to easily meet the annual or bi-annual physical inventory requirements
  • Provide equipment inventory and reconciliation reports
  • Provide reports on any loss, damage or theft of equipment
  • Provide maintenance records on equipment
  • Support asset disposal and project close out requirements
  • Support audit requests from federal and state funding sources
  • Support asset record requests from insurance providers

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