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Individual Unique Identification (IUID) Functionality in eQuip! Government Property Management software

How eQuip! for Government Property Management supports the IUID requirements:

Who has to meet the requirements related to Individual Unique Identification (IUID)?

Individual Unique Identification (IUID) is required by Department of Defense on all contractors who has custody of Government Furnished Property and some Contractor Acquired Property (if required by the specific contracts).

Government Contractors need to generate the IUID labels, verify and apply the labels on the GFP and CAP, and update the information to the IUID registry in a specific format.

What are the benefits of using the eQuip! Government Property Management Software to support the requirements?

  • Help to meet the IUID requirements step by step
  • Help to organize and provide required information in the standard format
  • Help to generate the file to submit to the IUID registry