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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Audit Assets: Prepare, Perform, Record Asset Audits

Asset inventory audit is an essential part of physical asset management. The eQuip! asset inventory management software has the features to support the various methods for auditing assets:

  • Audit by validation
  • Statistical Sampling
  • Wall to Wall inventory audit

Auditing methods

Why consider Audit by Validation and Statistical Sampling methods?

  • These are accepted as asset management best practices.
  • These methods save time and labor when structured and managed properly
  • They significatnly improve the results from Wall to Wall Inventory Audits

How is Audit by Validation supported by the eQuip! asset inventory management software?

  • Define a certain set of actions in the life cycle management of assets as audit by validation
  • Generate a report that identify assets that haven’t been validated for a certain period of time
  • Save time and labor hours by only conducting physical audit on these assets that haven’t been validated

How is Audit by Statistical Sampling supported by the eQuip! asset inventory management software?

  • Define a strategy to systematically audit all inventory over a period of time
  • Institute routine tasks by generating a monthly list for physical audits

Mobile auditing

Audit Asset Inventory using the eQuip! Mobile application:

  • Use a variety of mobile devices, including mobile phones and rugged devices
  • Sync the native eQuip! Mobile application on Android, iOS, or Win Mobile with the web application
  • Use the camera function to rapidly scan barcodes, read Low Energy Bluetooth tags or RFID tags.
  • Update quantity and location

Watch a short video to see how to use eQuip! Mobile Asset Tracking solution to scan barcodes and audit assets:

For a step by step guide on how to use the eQuip! Asset Management software to conduct asset inventory audit, read our white paper here.

Audit IT assets

Audit Asset Inventory using IT hardware auto discovery tools, like SCCM and LANSWEEPER

  • Scan all networked devices regularly and automatically – save time and labor hours
  • Reconcile with asset inventory in eQuip! asset inventory software

Audit results

Record Asset Inventory audit results:

  • Value of audited asset inventory
  • Count of audited asset inventory
  • Shortage and overage
  • Lost, Damaged assets

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