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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Thank you- eQuip! Software Automates the Process for Updating IUID Registry

Thank you. Here is the detailed step by step guide on how to use eQuip! to exchange information with the IUID registry


What steps are involved in Managing Government Property, including Government Furnished Property and Contractor Acquired Property?

  • Periodic inventories (perform, report & disclose)
  • All Government Furnished Property (GFP) requires UID compliance
  • Serially managed property – subject to UID Reporting under the DFARS 252.211.7007 clause
  • Relief vs Reimbursement
  • Loss reports
  • Prime versus subcontractor role
  • Excess Property
  • Property records must be maintained for four years following the contract closeout date
  • Internal Self-Assessments
  • Subcontractor audits

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