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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management Software: All-in-One Government Property Management System in Federal, State and Local Government Agencies

Government agencies have a lot of physical assets. That’s why they need to have a government property management system to track them responsibly, both to improve efficiency and to meet internal audit requirements.

  • In federal government agencies, there are guidelines managing the life cycle events of government property, including tagging, tracking usage and condition, maintenance and disposal 
  • In state and local government agencies, since many receive federal grants, they are required to follow the equipment management guideline in CFR, Uniform Guidance, including tracking asset condition, usage, and location, depreciation, disposal

A government property management system allows government agencies to follow these guidelines and stay in compliance with grant requirements easily and efficiently.

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What challenges do federal, state, and local government agencies have in managing physical assets?

  • Many agencies are relying on excel sheets to manage the asset inventory information. Their ERP systems only record a limited set of asset information, not sufficient to track the life cycle events of physical assets.
  • Many times, an agency’s initiative to have a better system to manage physical assets is sidetracked due to the complicated procurement process.  

How does eQuip! support the management of assets in federal, state and local government agencies?

  • One easy to use, and low cost system supporting unlimited number of users and assets
  • Ease import and export asset data to excel sheets allow easy transition from excel sheets
  • Built in business processes that leverage best practices and property management standards like ASTM E-53

Key benefits of the eQuip! asset management system to federal state and local government agencies

  • Improve accountability in managing assets inventory
  • Meet government audit requirements, including Uniform Guidance and CFR
  • Produce reports to support GASB 34/35 requirements

Why choose the eQuip! asset management system to manage the equipment and assets in your agency

  • Low cost
  • Easy to implement, and easy to integrate with ERP systems
  • Flexible installation options, installed on premise or delivered as Software as a Service
  • eQuip! is on GSA schedule

eQuip! software and support services can be procured through these contract vehicles:

1. GSA contract: GS-35F-0186V

2. State of Maryland COTS Master Contract

Which agencies are using the eQuip! asset management system?

To understand the Uniform Guidance requirements on equipment management and some common challenges: