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eQuip! for Government Property Management: All-in-One Government Property Management System for Government Contractors

eQuip! has radically changed what we are doing at Camber for Government Property Management. We have completely automated our process, and we have not gone beyond the tip of the iceberg with the capabilities that eQuip has. – Danny McMullins, Government Property Administrator at Camber Corporation

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“The technical support staff at E-ISG has played a critical role in helping AEgis to meet the contractual requirements to upload the data electronically to DoD’s IUID registry.” — Bob Gravitz, Director of Corporate Development at AEgis


Check out how eQuip! helped the IUID requirements

How eQuip! for Government Property Management supports the IUID requirements:

We support the implementation of government property management plan with one integrated and low cost solution.

checkboxReceive/acquire Government Property:  Adhere to the control processes specified in FAR 52.245-1

checkboxTrack Government Property (GFP and CAP): By contract, project, task order, purchase order, and site. Track government property and corporate assets in one solution

checkboxStandardize Government Property Management Business Process: Support industry standard enterprise asset management processes and the FAR/DFARs requirements for government property management, integrate with PCARSS, IUID Registry, Wide Area Workflow


What are the features and capabilities uniquely available in the eQuip! Government Property Management system?

  • Automatic generation of DD 1149
  • Built-in workflows to receive information from and upload information to the IUID registry, including data validation, process and rule reminder
  • Assembly Builder to track the UID for components when they are assembled into a finished product with its own UID

How does eQuip! software system support Government Property Management?

  • Built in business processes to support the guidelines for Government Property Management system as in FAR 52.245-1 and FAR 45
  • Support the implementation of the contractor’s government property management plan at the contract, program, site, and entity level to enable 10 outcomes: asset acquisition, Receipt of assets, asset records, physical inventory, subcontract control, reports, relief of asset stewardship responsibilities, utilizing government property, maintenance, asset closeout
  • Allow the contractors to manage multiple projects with multiple partners, while ensuring their control of information access
  • Support standard and customized contractor reporting requirements in their government property management business system

Key benefits of the eQuip! Government Property Management System to government contractors

  • Support pre-bid requirements on Government Property Management system
  • Reduce administrative overhead required to manage Government Property during the contract period
  • Provide a tool for teaming partners to track shared Government Property (GFP and CAP)
  • Minimize the loss or theft of government property in the custody of the contractor
Why should you choose eQuip! for managing GFP?

Government contractors are required to conduct periodic internal and external reviews on the effectiveness of their Government Property Management. Do you need help?

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we partner with a team of Government Property Management consultants. Our partners are fluent in FAR/DFARS regulations, have conducted many internal and external assessments, and have experiences in responding to Corrective Action Requests from government auditors.  We can be engaged to perform tailored, independent assessments of your Property Management System. The services we provide include:

  • Independent assessment of the government property management system, including the policy, procedures, and technologies
  • Support the response to the Corrective Action Request from government auditors
  • Train on government property management regulations and requirements, including FAR/DFARS


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