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eQuip! for Government Property Management — Target Users

  • Are you currently servicing a government contract with requirements for Government Property Management, including Government Furnished Property (GFP) and Contractor Acquired Property (CAP)?
  • Do you have trouble maintaining adequate records of government property, GFP and CAP?
  • Do you have trouble locating government property?
  • Do you have trouble keeping track of custody history of the government property
  • Do you have trouble in meeting the IUID requirements?
  • Do you have an upcoming DCMA audit in the Government Property Management business system?

How eQuip! for Government Property Management has reduced the time for generating a DD1149 form from 1 hour to 5 minutes

The eQuip! for Government Property Management software is an all-inclusive service to provide Software as a Service (SaaS), efficient  customer on boarding, and dedicated customer support. All with a fixed annual subscription cost.

The eQuip! for Government Property Management software is also available as perpetual licenses. Customers can have E-ISG host them or host them on their own.

Key Features in eQuip! for Government Property Management Solution:

  1. Software as a Service, supporting different asset tiers: 1500, 5000, 7500, and higher
  2. Receive Government Furnished Property (GFP) with excel sheet upload
  3. Record Contractor Acquired Property (CAP) by importing information from purchasing systems
  4. Import Government Furnished Property from the IUID registry
  5. Update IUID registry with updated life cycle information 
  6. Track equipment, materials and supplies by Contract, by Task Order, by Project
  7. Track Assemblies and Kits
  8. Provide ~12 standard reports
  9. Generate DD1149 automatically

Key Benefits from the eQuip! for Government Property Management SaaS Solution:

  1. No hassle implementation
  2. Fixed annual price – no additional costs
  3. No requirements on internal IT resources
  4. Easy to justify investment (we can provide you with an ROI calculation template) 

With the goal of meeting the 10 outcomes as required by the Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), there are 5 processes most likely to experience failures. Implementing a Commercial Off the Shelf system helps to manage risks and realize return on investment quickly. See more details in the following presentation: