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Webinar: Government Property Management- the Forgotten System

Government Propety Management — One of the 6 Required Business Sytems to DoD contractors

All government contractors understand that business systems’ compliance with FAR and DFARs requirements is essential. Yet, how many of us realize that government property is a required system, much less are comfortable with complying with its requirements?

  • Property Management System is one of the most overlooked Business Systems, yet frequently there is a great deal of investment and risk, and also an area ripe for finding opportunities for cost and effectiveness improvement.
  • A comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management System for maintaining Property records is vital.
  • Spreadsheets or general purpose databases or even most ERP systems are not very helpful, specific to Property Management.
  • Timely and Accurate Reporting is required.
  • Communication with and from users of Property is also vital.
  • Every transaction must be documented properly

Dixon Hughes Goodman, a national business advisory firm to many government contractors, hosted a webinar on January 13. 2016, with E-ISG Asset Intellgience to discuss this “Forgotten System”.  Most participants to this webinar expressed the needs to tighten up their system.

If you have missed the webinar and would like to get a copy of the presentation, please fill the form below, and you will be directed to a page with the link to the webinar presentation.