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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

eQuip! for IT Asset Management: All-in-One Asset Management Solutions for IT Assets and Beyond

eQuip! IT Asset Management Solutions tracks IT hardware and software assets, links with auto discovery tools to update asset database, stores contracts and agreements. It also manage non IT assets, such as furniture and equipment. It manages owned and leased assets, track depreciation, and manage the retirement of assets in a structured, guided way.

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eQuip! IT Asset Management Solution manages the financial, contractual, and physical inventory of IT assets throughout their life cycle in one integrated system.

checkboxCatalog IT hardware, software, and contractsOrganize IT assets by site, building, and people, on a visual map, Reconcile with results from Network Discovery tools

checkboxTrack costs of IT assets: purchase cost, maintenance cost and labor, depreciation

checkboxStandardize IT asset management business processesUse work orders, enter required information from new assets consistently


How does the eQuip! IT Asset Management Solution support IT asset management practices?

  • Organize inventory of IT hardware, software, services to conform to ITIL standards
  • Track financial and contractual information
  • Establish chain of custody for assets
  • Support basic software management functions
  • Support open source network discovery tools, and automatically reconcile the discovery data with IT asset data base
  • Set up rules to identify assets that require physical audits
  • Integrate easily with other IT service management tools: network discovery, IT service desk support, fixed asset accounting

Key benefits of the Quip! IT Asset Management Solution:

  • Low cost
  • Tighten control on IT assets to improve utilization, reduce loss or over spent
  • Provide visibility to IT software license management
  • Support IT asset audit requirements to ensure compliance and reduce business risks

Why choose the eQuip! IT Asset Management Software Solution?

  • One integrated application to support all core functions for IT asset management
  • Delivered as Software as a Service, with different subscription tiers based on the number of active assets
  • Easy integration with other applications via Cloud Based data collection and integration service
  • Support RFID readers
  • Quick to deploy, easy to import and export data and customize reports

Key features in the eQuip! IT Asset Management:

  • Record and updated the cost information of assets, and sync that with the information in procurement and fixed asset systems
  • Track depreciation on capitalized IT hardware
  • Maintain a robust asset database, with all the required fields as in ITIL best practices
  • Support relationship mapping to link hardware, software, contracts, and services
  • Organize repository of asset service agreements, including leases, software agreements, service contracts
  • Keep track of the chain of custody of the asset at any point of time, triggered by events such as asset reassignment, new hires, or employee exists
  • Produce periodic reports on assets that need physical audits
  • Set up routine or Ad Hoc maintenance schedule and generate work orders
  • Customize dashboard reports for decision making
  • Support bar code readers and RFID readers
  • Integrate with reports from IT asset recovery and recycling services