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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

From Laptops to Monitors and Cell Phones, eQuip! Can Help Manage All of Your IT Assets

IT Asset Management Systems prevent frustrations and make IT equipment management easier


Need a better system for tracking and managing your physical IT assets? Make the switch to eQuip! Our cloud-based system was designed from the ground up to meet the tracking needs of IT departments of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re a one-man-army keeping tabs on a few dozen computers and cell phones or the captain of an international team managing thousands of IT assets, you can use eQuip! to keep track of your IT asset owners, the location of your assets, serial numbers, and other important information.

Manage all of your IT assets from a single platform.

Manage Your IT Assets from Any System Anywhere

Whether your team members prefer using their mobile device or their desktop, our cloud-based IT asset management system works conveniently across platforms. No desktop or laptop software installation required.

Preserve Your Legacy Data

No need to duplicate your efforts. If you already have an IT asset management system in place, you can import any spreadsheets into your eQuip! account.

Ensure Your IT Asset Data Is Kept Secured and Private

Keep your data safe, secure and private with eQuip! Set user permissions, roles, and easily add/remove team members to limit access as needed.

Key Features of eQuip!

  • Keep track of your IT assets from any device with our cloud-based system
  • Download the eQuip! mobile app to scan and track your IT assets from the convenience of your cell phone
  • Quit those bulky spreadsheets, with eQuip! you can quickly search for and locate specific assets, their owners, and their physical location.
  • Generate ownership reports, asset audits, and any other reports needed directly through eQuip!
  • Customize your eQuip! system to meet your unique IT asset management needs.
  • Ditch that hardware. The eQuip! mobile app comes with built-in mobile barcode scanning functionality






We’re proud to be the trusted IT asset management solution of hundreds of IT departments around the Globe. Make the switch today!

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