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White Paper: Key Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management system

An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system should be the platform that brings the financial and operational information of equipment and other enterprise assets into one place to support businesses and government agencies to make the best decision in managing their assets.

Above all, an enterprise asset management system should be:

  •  Flexible
  •  Extendable
  •  Mobile. 

The Flexible, Extendable, and Mobile framework will ensure that organizations achieve the objectives of asset management:

  • Connect with other system to share data and business processes and achieve organizational support and coordinate planning
  • Generate customer reports easily to support the monitoring of key performance metrics
  • Leverage mobile technology to improve asset performance
  • Facilitate sharing of information in all computing platforms to further gain organizational buy-in

An enterprise asset management system should be an operational platform that connects with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, while providing the reach and flexibility for end users to update the information whenever, wherever there is a change in asset status.

To learn more about this criteria and why it’s important, download our white paper “Key Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management System”.

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