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Protect Intellectual Property (IP) with Better Asset Tracking — Download EBook

Intellectual Property (IP) theft is a rampant, multi-industry issue that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. But Manufacturers can protect IP, and reduce lost with better asset tracking.

A surprisingly large amount of Intellectual Property theft originates from internal leaks that occur during an asset’s development life cycle. That’s why tracking the “where”, “What’, and “Who” of the product samples throughout the life cycle has a significant impact on reducing loss of revenue from IP leaks.

These are 5 ways asset tracking software can Protect IP

1.Easily Transfer or Issue Property to a Custodian

2.Automatically Record the Transaction History Transaction of an Asset

3.Know Where Your Assets Are Physical Located at All Times

4.Easily Photograph and Record Asset Images

5. Manage the Complete Asset Lifecycle with Web and Mobile Application

To read more about how asset tracking software eQuip! can help to protect IP in embedded product samples, download the Ebook below.