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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Bring RFID Technology to Enterprise Asset Management

bring RFID to ManufacturingKey Benefits from RFID Technology:

  • Eliminates costly user-initiated line of sight inventory activities
  • Automate the update of asset location
  • Real time update the movement of assets

Key Benefits from Enterprise Asset Management system:

  • Manage Financial, Physical, Contractual Information of Physical Assets
  • Manage Asset Life Cycle events– record, change of custody, inventory audit, maintenance, retirement
  • Automate Reporting – Operation, financial, Compliance
  • Automate business processes through workflows

Key Benefits from Bringing RFID Technology to Enterprise Asset Management:

  • Reduce labor hours spent on locating assets via automatic update of asset location
  • Reduce labor hours on auditing assets — save labor costs by reducing counting/audit time by 6.5x
  • Prevent loss of assets by setting up geo fencing for assets
  • Collect additional information from assets to assist decision making, e.g. temperature, meters

Why choose the eQuip! software to bring the RFID technology?

  1. Low cost via built in middle ware connecting with RFID fixed readers and mobile readers
  2. Streamlined data collection via native Android mobile eQuip! application on RFID readers

Bring rfid to asset management