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“Property Management is a critical consideration for Contracts Managers” with Alex Barenblitt.

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Efficient, effective and compliant Government Property Management is critical to the success of any Government Contractor who uses Government Property for Federal and Defense contracts.  Oversight by Government Authorities like DCMA and DCAA is getting more intense.  Contract terms and conditions and governing regulations are changing more often. Effective processes, procedures and policies can make or break the performance of a Government contract performance.  Government Property Management a great deal more than simply keeping track of parts in a spreadsheet.

 After this Webinar, you will have better understanding on these:

  1. Government Property Management isn’t just inventory control. It’s covered by various regulations, including FAR/DFARs, and is subject to government audits
  2. Regulations and requirements around Government Property Management  change frequently and they can impact the risk level of the contracts
  3. The consequence for inadequate management of Government Property has impact on the profitability of the contracts and the success of the programs

We look forward for you joining us at our Webinar at 11:00 a.m., EDT on October 10.

We know government contractors need to constantly assess their policies and procedures for managing Government Property. They often engage third party experts to conduct that assessment for credibility when they present the result to government auditors. We are happy to have Alex Barenblitt to lead our team of government property management consultants. Alex and his team can be engaged to provide independent third party assessment,  help to respond to the Correct Action Request from government auditors and train the internal staff on policy and procedures.  To inquire more about the consulting services, you can call us at 1-866-845-2416