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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

eQuip! for enterprise asset management is an easy to use, flexible, and cost-efficient solution.

The eQuip! platform can be configured to meet your unique asset management needs.

Whether you’re customizing workflows, configuring user permissions, or creating a new report, eQuip! works with you to introduce new efficiencies to your asset management practices.

Managing your enterprise assets is about achieving physical and fiscal visibility of your assets:

  • Physical visibility: what assets you have, where they are, their condition, who has them, and how they have been used
  • Financial visibility: cost of acquisition, cost of equipment maintenance, depreciation, residual value, replacement value, disposal costs, and resale value
  • Contractual visibility: warranties, lease terms, contracts, and service agreements
Easy to Use

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Access from any web browser, with native mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Win Mobile. Use smartphones and tablet devices to audit assets.


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Administrative tools to customize data fields, forms, reports, and workflows.

Easy to Integrate

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Integration with Purchasing, ERP, IT discovery, Active Directory systems.


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One integrated application with annual subscription or 3 year contracts, unlimited users.

Who is using the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management Software Solution?

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IT Departments in Businesses and Government Agencies

IT departments tracking the ever increasing number of devices, on or off the corporate network. They need to know the What and Where of their assets, keep track of the chain of custody, and keep disposal records.

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Emergency Management Agencies

Emergency Management agencies managing emergency equipment so they can keep track of grant-funded equipment in a cost-efficient way. They use the solution to meet the requirements on reporting and inventory audit.

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NonProfit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations managing their equipment and assets more efficiently. They use the solution to improve operations, save on manual labor hours, and meet the compliance requirements (e.g. CFR, Uniform Guidance) on equipment management and inventory audits.

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Facility Management and Enterprise Asset Management

Businesses managing physical assets, including IT assets, furniture, capitalized equipment, and consumables. They also need to track maintenance schedules and task orders on capitalized equipment, as well as track owned assets and leased assets and their depreciation information.


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