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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Make the Switch from spreadsheets to eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management software today! Key Benefits of the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management software:

  • Reduce Costs — by knowing what assets you have, where they are, who has them, and in what condition.
  • Reduce manual labor hours spent on reconciling records, preparing for financial audits, or tracking down assets.
  • Reduce financical risks by meeting internal and external audit requirements.

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I like how I can export data from eQuip! and import data into eQuip! using excel sheets so easily. It makes our inventory audit much easier. We print our items (select based on statistical sampling to be audited, and hand it to the field team for auditing. When they are done, we uploaded it back to eQuip!. This has allowed us to keep a paper trail of the audit activities, as required.

— Patrick Schnitzius, Logistics Support Manager, DynCorp

 “The Batch Data Import and Export processes work better than any other system I have used, and any fields that are added or modified are actually added or change in the database. They are also added to the Import/Export templates which is being exceptional. The level of customization that is available right out of the box far surpasses our expectations, and allows us to meet all of our organizational requirements.

– Mark Brown, Property Management Specialist, NCI Information Systems, Inc.

Things to Consider

  1. Ask how the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management system integrates with your financial systems to pull in data from purchase orders and serialize individual assets.
  2. Ask how the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management system can set up reports easily to support requirements from funding agencies and insurance providers.
  3. Ask how you can use the eQuip! Mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Win Mobile to audit assets.
  4. Ask which of the out-of-box frameworks for the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management software best supports your asset management needs:
    • Managing IT assets in businesses and government agencies
    • Managing Government Furnished Equipment and Contractor Acquired Property for government
    • Managing all enterprise assets in different facilities
    • Managing Emergency Equipment