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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

E-ISG Asset Intelligence and its business partner Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman CPAs, in a joint webinar, discuss equipment management for nonprofit:

1. What are the key requirements on equipment management under Uniform Guidance
2. What are the key challenges we see in the industry
3. How to meet these challenges in a cost effective way

If you would like to see how the eQuip! asset management solution can help you to meet these requirements, you can request a demo after viewing the webinar outline. 

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What Can the eQuip! Asset Management System Do for NonProfit Organizations?

  • Manage Physical and IT Assets: track what, where, and who has the assets
  • Keep accurate equipment records with the required asset information: description, manufacturer’s serial number/NSN, ownership, acquisition date and cost, condition, disposition data
  • Report up to date asset inventory by location, by project, by program, by activity
  • Tracking funding sources of equipment, single award or multiple awards
    Support inventory audit best practices to easily meet the annual or bi-annual physical inventory requirements
  • Provide equipment inventory and reconciliation reports
  • Provide reports on any loss, damage or theft of equipment
  • Provide maintenance records on equipment
  • Support asset disposal and project close out requirements
  • Support audit requests from federal and state funding sources
  • Support asset record requests from insurance providers