Using Asset Inventory — Asset Life Cycle Management

Update, Transfer, Check In and Check Out Assets


You can use eQuip! to:

  • Centrally control access to asset inventory information by defining user permissions
  • Transfer assets among places. Generate approval requests by using Transfer Assets with Work Order workflow
  • Transfer assets among people, generating property pass or hand receipts to track chain of custody
  • Update assets as they are consumed or disposed
  • Track chain of custody
  • Reserve assets for use


Transfer assets

Benefits of transferring assets with eQuip! Work Orders function:

  • Institute approval process
  • Document reasons for transfer assets
  • Improve control in movement of asset inventory

You may find these functions useful if you’re:

  • A business that wants to institute strict approval process for transferring assets among different locations
  • A Government contractor that wants to keep records of assets being moved among different locations
  • An Emergency management agency that wants to control how emergency equipment is shared among different locations
  • A school system that wants to control how IT equipment is moved among different campuses and buildings

Update assets

The eQuip! asset inventory management software provides multiple ways to search and edit asset inventory records:

  • Create Saved Searches
  • Filter search results by column headers
  • Create edit groups to group update asset inventory records

Track chain of custody

Watch a short video to see how eQuip! helps you track chain of custody:

You may find these functions particularly useful if you’re:

  • A business that want to maintain audit trail of high value assets
  • An IT department that wants to have the record for hardware check in/out
  • A Government contractor who wants to keep records of assets being transferred among projects and contracts, or generate “Hand Receipts” as required by some contractual terms
  • An emergency management agency that wants to maintain check in/out record for emergency equipment
  • A nonprofit organization that wants to maintain control of high value assets purchased with federal grants to meet the requirements in CFR and Uniform Guidance

Reserve assets

Benefits of reserving assets with the “Property Pass” function:

  • Maintain audit trail and chain of custody on physical and IT asset inventory records
  • Institute accountability of assets
  • Reduce loss of physical and IT assets

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