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Asset tracking made easy

eQuip Asset Management Tracking Software is an easy-to-use, cloud-based asset management platform that lets your organization keep track of its physical assets.

Whether you’re tracking in a single office, or keeping tabs on your hardware across multiple countries, eQuip has the tools you need to easily track and manage your assets.

Your assets, managed better

Our cloud-based asset management technology works for you. Whether your employees prefer a desktop tracking experience or are more comfortable using their phone, our system is built to meet the unique needs of your workforce.

Keep your legacy information, delete the spreadsheets

Working with a legacy system? Have a mountain of spreadsheets with historical information? We have you covered. eQuip’s built-in importing functionality allows you to easily import spreadsheets and historical information into your asset management account.

Secure your data in a snap

Keep your data secured. Our cloud-based system allows your team to easily add and remove team-members as needed to ensure your data is kept private and safe.

Get support from our dedicated team

Our team of dedicated account service representatives stands ready to assist your team with on-boarding, account customization, and other ongoing needs.

Top-Rated Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking with Ultra 3 PI

“We needed eQuip for physical tracking of government property. We have government property in three different locations, plus a couple of off-site testing locations, and a couple of sub-contractors…It was just an impossible task to try to track [the government property].”

Key Features of eQuip Asset Tracking Software:

  • A cloud-based system means you can track and manage your assets from any system without having to install bulky software
  • eQuip! Mobile works with rugged and RFID scanners
  • Trash the spreadsheets. eQuip! makes it easy to search for and locate specific assets and their owners
  • Create, generate, and pull the reports you need, when you need them
  • Track and manage Intellectual Property, equipment, and more
  • Configure your eQuip! system to meet your unique tracking needs
  • No hardware required. Scan your assets with our built-in mobile barcode scanner app

Join hundreds of brands who have made the switch to eQuip for their asset tracking needs

The logos of various eQuip customers, such as the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Honeywell, and Hasbro.

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