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eQuip! Asset Management System

Easy to use and cost efficient

Enterprise Asset Management System — Our Philosophy

  • Enterprise Asset Management system provides physical, contractual and financial information about physical and IT assets
  • Enterprise Asset Management system connects with other systems to share data

Enterprise Asset Management System – Why Choose eQuip!

  • Designed as a platform, not just an application. Connect easily with other systems to share data
  • Flexible, Extendable, and Mobile
  • Three delivery methods:
    • eQuip! SaaS — annual subscription, based asset counts.
    • eQuip! Managed Hosting – support all levels of security requirements and performance guarantees, with customers owning the perpetual licenses
    • eQuip! On Premise – hosted by customers
  • Simple and straight forward pricing
    • One package includes all essential features for enterprise asset management. No additional modules
    • No seat licenses
    • Fixed one-time fee for customer on boarding
  • Fast implementation – 4-6 weeks

Enterprise Asset Management System eQuip! – Key Features

  • Web based Asset Inventory Management system
  • Sync with native mobile applications on Android, iOS, Win Mobile devices
  • Organize assets by multiple parameters: Location, People, Contract, Project, Purchase Order
  • Manage 3 types of assets: equipment, materials, supplies
  • Track inventory
  • Customizable asset fields
  • Support parent child relations and linked assets
  • Link software assets with hardware assets
  • Track Kits consisted of multiple assets
  • Build Assembled Assets
  • Standard searches and customized searches
  • Store contracts, images. Load images from mobile applications
  • Out of box workflows to support routine activities Add, Use, Maintain, Audit, Dispose assets
  • Configurable workflows for advanced functions
  • Track asset chain of custody with work orders
  • Generate Property Pass and Hand Receipt for temporary change of custody
  • Manage maintenance schedules and work orders
  • Support regular barcodes, RFID tags, and Low Energy Bluetooth tags
  • A dozen standard reports
  • As many customized reports as needed
  • Connect with ERP systems and IT discovery tools – standard out of box integrations

Enterprise Asset Management System eQuip! – Out of Box Frameworks

  • Government Property Management – for Government Contractors with FAR/DFARS requirements on managing Government Property
  • IT Asset Management – for managing IT hardware and software assets
  • Emergency Equipment Management — for managing emergency equipment purchased with FEMA grants
  • Enterprise Asset Management – for managing all enterprise physical and IT assets

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