eQuip and the IUID Registry

eQuip! Supports IUID Requirements


The Department of Defense IUID Requirements

The U.S. Department of Defense maintains item Unique Identification, or IUID, standards that require suppliers and contractors to uniquely identify most tangible property, including components and kit parts, throughout an item’s full lifecycle of service.

The mandate will have requirements on government suppliers and service providers. These government contractors need to create UID (or Unique IDentification) for their finished products and submit the IUID data to DOD’s IUID Registry. They will also need to utilize the DoD’s Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) component of the government’s Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT) system.

To achieve IUID compliance, DoD suppliers need to:

  • Create a UID for all components and embed them in the finished products
  • Create a UID for the finished product and establish the parent-child tree of UIDs
  • Submit the UID date to the Wide Area Workflow via DD250 or the DoD IUID Registry

Similarly, service providers for the DoD need to:

  • Update the IUID registry when Government Property is received, delivered, shipped, consumed, disposed, and/or transferred
  • Apply UID retroactively to legacy GFP

These requirements can be challenging for contractors to meet. Not only do government contractors need to track all of their newly acquired GFP, they often must track legacy assets as well.

This all must be done accurately, or the contractor may receive Corrective Action Requests (CARs).

How can a contractor meet these requirements in a cost-effective way?

eQuip! IUID Compliance

eQuip! has an IUID functionality that enables government property managers to manage GFP more easily.

Watch a short video to see an example of how eQuip! Government Property Management software supports IUID compliance.

For more information on the IUID functionality in eQuip! click here.

Key Benefits of eQuip!

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Stop using error-prone spreadsheets.

Save time and labor in manual data entry and reduce data entry errors. Easily organize all assets, whether they’re GFP or CAP.

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Automate the IUID process.

The IUID functionality makes it easy to create a UID and validate that UID information with the IUID registry. You can also create IUID labels for printing on thermal printers right in eQuip!

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Make an easy system transition.

The eQuip! system can create unique serial numbers for new GFP and integrate with legacy serial number systems. Import data from other software systems.

“The technical support staff at [Assetworks] have played a critical role in helping AEgis to meet the contractual requirements to upload the data electronically to DoD’s IUID registry.”

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