eQuip IT Asset Management Solution

eQuip IT Asset Management Solution

An all-in-one asset management solution
for IT assets and beyond

As technology becomes exponentially complex year after year, IT departments often struggle to manage and maintain all hardware and software. But it’s even more important than ever to properly track IT assets in order to keep your organization secure and efficient.

Our cloud-based system is designed from the ground up to meet the unique tracking needs of IT departments of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re a one-man-army keeping tabs on a few dozen devices or the captain of an international team managing thousands of IT assets, you can use eQuip to keep track of your IT users, asset location, asset cost, and more.

Why use ITAM software?

Reduce costs

IT asset management software helps you reduce IT costs. For example, one common cost inefficiency is in procurement. ITAM software allows you to avoid procuring too many or too little assets. When you know exactly what devices you have and where they are, you’re able to make smarter decisions about what IT assets you need.

Improve efficiency

ITAM software also improves IT service efficiency. With ITAM software, your team has everything they need to know in a convenient system. Asset serial numbers, life-cycle stage, model numbers, and contractual information are just a few clicks away. This is especially helpful when an IT asset management system integrates with your IT help desk solution. Your team will be empowered with the information they need to perform their jobs well.

Eliminate business risks

IT asset management software can help you eliminate business risks such as asset loss and network vulnerability. ITAM software prevents loss and theft by allowing you to monitor asset location and usage, including chain-of-custody. A strong IT asset management solution, especially one that connects with IT asset discovery tools, also helps you monitor your device network and assess security risks. ITAM takes you from struggling to keep up to looking ahead for future problems.

Why use eQuip IT Asset Management solution?

eQuip manages the financial, contractual, and physical inventory of IT assets throughout their life cycle in one integrated system.

Manage your IT assets from any system, anywhere

Whether your team members prefer using their mobile device or their desktop, our cloud-based IT asset management system works conveniently across platforms. No desktop or laptop software installation required. Just log on to eQuip! through your preferred browser and start taking control of your IT assets.

Easy system transition

No need to duplicate your efforts. If you already have an IT asset management system in place, you can easily import your data into your eQuip account. Use spreadsheets? Import them directly into eQuip for easy data entry.

Ensure your IT asset data is kept secured and private

Keep your data safe, secure and private with eQuip Set user permissions, roles, and easily add/remove team members to limit access as needed.

Our team works hard to ensure your data is safe. Your asset data is stored on secure servers when you use our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. You also have the option of self-hosting for added security.

All of your data in one place

Stop wasting time flipping between systems. eQuip not only tracks chain-of-custody and physical location, but it also tracks the contractual and financial information of your IT assets. Asset records and asset history are at your fingertips.

If you do want to use other systems with eQuip, we have that handled. eQuip integrates easily with other IT service management tools such as network discovery tools, IT service desk support systems, and fixed asset accounting software. We’ll help you create a powerful network of IT solutions for your team.

“eQuip! is far and away a vast improvement on our legacy systems.”

Ned Pierce
Demandware, Inc, (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud)

With eQuip ITAM you can:

  • Catalog IT hardware, software, and contracts
  • Organize IT assets by site, building, and people, on a visual map
  • Automatically reconcile with results from Network Discovery tools
  • Track purchase cost, maintenance cost and labor, and depreciation of IT assets
  • Standardize IT asset management business processes with standardized work orders and consistent data entry
  • Establish chain-of-custody with mobile sign-out and event triggers
  • Maintain a robust asset database, with all the required fields as in ITIL best practices

We’re proud to be the trusted IT asset management solution of hundreds of IT departments around the globe

When you use eQuip you’re in good company. Our solution is used worldwide to track assets, lower costs, and increase efficiency.

Here are just some of our happy customers:

The black and white logos of 7 organizations that use eQuip. They are: Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Honeywell, Hasbro, KBRwyle, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, the Texas Department of State Health Services, and Rolls-Royce.

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