Tracking Maintenance

Tracking & Managing Maintenance


You and your team haven’t been given the tools you need to track maintenance. It falls to you to cook up a basic document to get the job done. But using some combination of spreadsheets, text documents, and email to manage maintenance requests just makes the whole process more complicated.

And that’s if employees actually use the documents you provide. Team members sometimes avoid keeping maintenance records because, frankly, no one wants to deal with cumbersome spreadsheets.

You don’t want to play the Bad Guy, constantly bugging your coworkers to send in data again and again. You would rather everyone gets back to what your team does best: keeping the place running.

You’re stuck in a reactive maintenance mode; the right tool can help break the cycle.

Modern maintenance management systems like eQuip help your team be proactive and get organized. Take the stress out of maintenance and give your team the control to achieve success with eQuip.

Maintenance Tracking with eQuip

  • Track equipment, parts, and other maintenance data with eQuip.
  • Don’t depend on the IT department to make your system work for you. Maintenance request forms in eQuip are completely configurable.
  • Email notifications deliver the request to the right people. Dashboard notifications, email alerts, and reports ensure your team is on top of the tasks ahead of them.
  • Maintenance technicians can quickly input how long it took to complete the work, what’s parts were used, and feedback about the activity.
  • Maintenance reporting brings actionable business intelligence to Finance and Operations

It’s amazing what you can do when you have the facts

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