Mobile Asset Tracking with IKON Bar Code Scanners

The New Rugged Handheld PDA for the Real World

There are rugged handheld computers and there is the Ikôn, bar code the most sophisticated mobile asset tracking device on the planet.

The Ikôn has everything the mobile asset tracking workforce needs to turbo-charge your company’s equipment inventory management. Features include an integrated imager, Bluetooth® and GPS to find your way to the next task, bar code scanner, color camera, RFID reader plus WiFi connectivity for local networks.

Designed for Mobile Asset Tracking

The Ikôn bar code scanner helps mobile workers get the job done faster and more comfortably thanks to the support and principles of Natural Task Support. The 3.7-inch full VGA display makes it incredibly easy to read complex graphics and CAD drawings in low-light situations. The ergonomic keypad is designed for one-hand use with clear, unambiguous feedback. Plus great balance, hand-feel and stunning looks.

Designed to be Rugged

The mobile workforce encounters challenging environments. The Ikôn was designed to withstand drops from 5 feet (1.5 metres) to polished concrete. Mobile asset management demands consistency in unpredictable environments. That’s why the Ikôn has an IP65 rating, designed to protect against dust, water and whatever else the harsh environment throws your way.

Designed to Last

The highest battery capacity on the market ensures a full-day of productivity for your mobile workforce. Psion Teklogix has tweaked the operating system, ensuring minimum intensity for the barcode scanner resulting in just the right power for just the right situation. The Ikôn was designed to last.

Designed for the Future

Unlike most sealed, rugged handheld computers, Ikôn gives you three expansion slots (USB, Serial and DC Jack) so you can add functionality as your needs change. Psion’s growing ecosystem of developer partners are constantly creating new hardware modules for Psion devices such as RFID readers and biometrics. The future is unpredictable but the Ikôn bar code scanner is ready.

To read more about the Ikôn’s specs, visit Psions Ikôn Spec Sheet.

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