StreetEagle Tracking Solutions

Mobile Asset Tracking and Barcoding

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We partner with Insight Mobile Data, the provider of StreetEagle Tracking Solutions suite, to track assets on the move. eQuip! has integrated with the StreetEagle Tracking Solution, so all the location and history data for the assets installed with GPS tracking devices can be accessed in the eQuip! application.

StreetEagle Asset Tracking

Use cellular network or satellite data communication, StreetEagle Asset Tracking uses different kinds of GPS devices for different environment and usage patterns, to effectively manage critical assets that need to be tracked 24/7.

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StreetEagle PULSE: Affordable asset tracking solutions that are fully ruggedized to withstand virtually any environment. With an exceptional 7-year battery life and simple bolt-on installation, StreetEagle PULSE makes it easy to reliably track your mobile assets and equipment in the field.

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StreetEagle Loceight: Asset tracking solutions based on the Globalstar simplex satellite network for remote monitoring. Semi-ruggedized design, simple bolt-on installation, internal vibration sense, and advanced monitoring options for run-time reporting and automated maintenance.

StreetEagle Barcoding

StreetEagle Barcoding

StreetEagle Barcoding provides operation managers with the ability to effectively manage assets and equipment in the field. The solution comes with a Smartphone application that allows a mobile worker to view a history of the activities, locations and service record of any assets from wherever they are.

By integrating with best-in-class wireless barcode scanners from Motorola, StreetEagle transmits all scanned information in real-time. Managers can thereby track assets in the field with each scan, providing location, date/time, and proof of service. The vehicle operator quickly scans the barcode on each asset when servicing, delivering, or picking-up. StreetEagle Barcoding allows managers to:

  • Ensure servicing of assets
  • Provide proof of service to customers
  • Obtain locations of all assets in the field
  • Effectively track pick-up, delivery, and servicing of assets
  • Manage inventory of assets ready for delivery

All the StreetEagle solutions can be purchased as an integrated part of eQuip! for asset management. So customers can track the entire portfolio of the enterprise assets, including physical and IT assets, assets located in offices and in the field.

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