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Asset Management Guides and White Papers


We have dozens of asset management guides and white papers that go in-depth on the subjects you need to know. These guides are written based on first-hand knowledge as well as data research.

Enterprise Asset Management

Top 10 Asset Management Trends in 2019

In talking with our customers and asset management experts, we have identified a few key trends we see emerging in 2019. This white paper outlines our top 10 trends for 2019, and why we believe they will be key this year.

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Challenges in Implementing the Enterprise Asset Management System

Enterprise Asset Management probably is the least appreciated function. However, if the function is managed well, it can not only improve operations and reduce risks, it can also be a source of competitive advantages.

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How to Address Common Gaps in Fixed Asset Management

There are several gaps that commonly occur in fixed asset management systems. This white paper discusses explains how to address gaps in your fixed asset management system in order to prevent ghost assets and other problem.

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Protect Intellectual Property by Improving Asset Management Processes

Every year, manufacturers lose hundreds of billions of dollars in potential revenue because of the leaks in intellectual property. What steps can they take in the end to end process of managing physical assets (i.e. product samples) to reduce the risk?

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Government Property Management

Why Spreadsheets and ERP Are Inadequate for Government Property Management

The FAR and DFARS require 10 outcomes in managing Government Property. We investigate why spreadsheets and ERP systems can’t adequately support these 10 outcomes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Corrective Action Requests (CARs) for Government Contractors

Sometimes during a business system audit, a Corrective Action Request, or CAR, is issued. This white paper explains what a CAR is, the various levels of CAR, and some examples of CARs issued to government contractors.

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Prepare for Self-Certification of the Government Property Management System

This article, written by Jackie Luo, VP of eQuip! Asset Management solution, was published in the October 2014 issue of Contract Management magazine. This article provides some basic information about the FAR/DFARS requirements on Government Property Management system, some best practices and common challenges.

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4 Things Contract Managers Must Know About Managing GFP

Do you manage Federal government contracts and programs? Are you perplexed about how the changing rules of FAR/DFARs around managing GFP is going to impact the costs of the contracts? Do you want to make sure you have all the facts and analysis before submitting the response to an RFP? This white paper will show you exactly how.

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Requirements for Selecting Government Property Management Software

This white paper provides the key requirements in standard functionality, quality of the software system design, and other considerations for purchase. These requirements are specific to government contractors with the goal of meeting FAR/DFARS requirements.

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IUID Functionality in eQuip! Government Property Management Software

eQuip! Government Property Management Software has built in steps to generate IUID tags, print them, and submit the information to the IUID Registry. All Department of Defense contractors who manages Government Furnished Property are required to apply IUID information on these Government Property. See how eQuip! makes these steps easier.

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3 Key Challenges in Equipment Management for Federal Grantees

Every year, the federal government grants billions of dollars to higher education institutions, hospitals, and a variety of other organizations.

This white paper explains common equipment management requirements for federal grantees and how they can meet these requirements.

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Government Property: The Forgotten System

Government Property is a required business system for DoD contractors. Yet it seems to often be forgotten. This article discusses why it is forgotten and the negative consequences to ignoring this vital business system.

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Emergency Management

Top 10 Emergency Management Quotes

Whether you need inspiration or want to share what a day in your shoes is like, a good quote often does the trick. So how about 10 good quotes?

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EAM Technology

Requirements for Selecting Enterprise Asset Management Software

This follow-up on white paper to “Key Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management System” will provide guidance to businesses and organizations that are in the process of selecting an enterprise asset management system. It provides the key requirements in standard functionality, quality of the software system design, and other purchase related considerations.

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Choose COTS or Build Your Own?

This white paper was developed after we encountered these questions many times from customers. We developed a framework for study, as well as some key questions for an organization to assess the costs and benefits of buying vs building.

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IT Asset Management

Connecting IT Asset Discovery tools to IT Asset Management system

IT Asset Discovery is an important part of IT Asset Management. It is estimated that at least 30% of IT assets are not on the asset registry. So connecting these tools with IT Asset Management systems can greatly support IT asset management.

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Why the Development of RFID Technology Has Made Asset Management More Urgent

The RFID technology has been improving steadily as a niche technology since its inception. During the past few years, the development of the RFID technology has accelerated.

The accumulated innovation has brought expanded selection of products and services, which in turn have been driving new applications and deepening the penetration of existing applications.

This white paper explains these recent developments and applications for RFID.

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