Downloadable Checklist: Asset Management System Transition

10 Vital Steps to Transition to an Automated System

We have seen the benefits of automated enterprise asset management hands-on. These systems can bring order to chaos, and save valuable time and money.

It may happen after an organization realizes that it can no longer track their physical assets. Perhaps a manager finally says that their spreadsheets are out of control. Or maybe a business flat-out fails an audit.

This is when a company needs to transition to an automated asset management system.

However, the transition to a new system can be a difficult process.

That’s why we provide eQuip! users with a structured onboarding process, where we do most of the heavy lifting for you. We guide users through 10 initial steps to aid in the transition.

We’ve put together this checklist so you can understand the transition, whether you’re doing it yourself or with us.

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