White Paper: Asset Management Software Requirements

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Are you in the process of selecting asset management software to support your organization’s needs for better tracking physical assets, improving operational efficiency, and meeting regulatory requirements?

We have developed this white paper to explain the key requirements you need to keep in mind when selecting asset management software.

You will learn:

  • A high-level framework for selecting software
  • Basic features and functionalities in asset management software
  • Common cost considerations


A few years ago, we first published the white paper “Key Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management System.” It became one of our most downloaded white papers. Many businesses and organizations asked us to provide more specific guidelines on how to select asset management software.

We then developed this white paper to provide the key requirements in standard functionality, quality of the software system design, and other purchase-related considerations.

Purchasing asset management software is a major endeavor for any business. The software has the potential to save hours in labor, and may significantly reduce costs caused by over purchasing, asset loss, and irregular maintenance.

That’s why it’s important to consider a variety of factors when evaluating asset management software. Fill the form above to learn these factors and choose the best asset management software for your organization.

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