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    Automated Workflow is like an extra set of hands

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Our Solutions Help you to Save Money and Improve Operational Efficiency with Your Enterprise Assets

Managing your enterprise assets is about achieving physical and fiscal visibility of your assets:

  • Physical visibility: what assets you have, where they are, in what condition, who has them, how they have been used
  • Financial visibility: costs of acquisition, cost of equipment maintenance, depreciation, residual value, replacement value, disposal costs and resell value
  • Contractual visibility: warranties, lease terms, contracts, service agreements

eQuip! for front pageHow do we help you manage your enterprise assets?

  • We provide the eQuip! enterprise asset management solutions — easy to use, flexible, and cost efficient
  • We work with you to migrate the legacy data to the new systems,update and improve the asset management processes to utilize the automated tools, and train the users to use the system effectively

How is eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management System different from other enterprise asset management solutions?

  • Easy to use: eQuip! is a web based system. It can be accessed from any web browsers. eQuip! also has native mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Win Mobile. Users can use smartphones and tablet devices to audit assets and manage inventory
  • Flexible: Users of eQuip! can use easy tools to customize screens, reports, to meet their needs. Users can customize workflows to streamline the routine processes
  • Easy to integrate with ERP or other software systems, via web APIs. eQuip! is uniquely designed to serve as a platform to integrate data. Its unique approach to reading data has made the data integration fast and scalable
  • Low cost: eQuip! offers key features and functionality in application. It allows as many users as needed. No separate modules.No per seat charges

Who is using eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management Solutions?

  • IT departments tracking the ever increasing number of devices, on or off the corporate network, so they can accurately project the refreshing cycle and replacement costs, as well as keep track of the chain of custody of the IT assets
  • Government contractors managing Government Property (GFP and CAP) so they can meet the FAR/DFAR requirements on the Government Property Management business system
  • Emergency Management agencies managing the emergency equipment so they can keep track of the available equipment, their usage history, and meet the audit requirements
  • Businesses trying to improve their asset management processes so they can reduce loss and improve operational efficiency
  • Government agencies trying to adopt the best practices in asset management (ISO 55000, ASTM 53) so they can meet their financial goals

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