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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Enterprise Asset Management Software Solutions eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! with Managed Hosting

Q: What is eQuip!?

A: eQuip! is an enterprise asset management solution.  It supports the life cycle management of assets, from acquisition to retirement. It tracks the financial, contractual, and physical inventory of assets throughout the life cycle. eQuip! is a web based application, which means users  can access the solution via any web browser.

Q: How is eQuip! priced?

A: eQuip! SaaS is provided via annual subscription. The subscription fee depends on the number of trackable items, number of users, and the choice of add-on functions. eQuip! On Premise can be purchased with a perpetual license fee, supported by the annual maintenance and support agreement or Managed Hosting agreement.

Q: Does eQuip! charge extra for multiple users, and differentiate fees by users?

A:  There are different tiers of eQuip! applications. For the lower tier eQuip! subscriptions, there is an upper limit on the number of concurrent users. The upper tier eQuip! subscriptions support unlimited amount of concurrent users. We give customers the rights to set roles for each user. Different user roles will have access to different set of information, and may or may not have the rights to perform certain functions. We don’t differentiate fees by type of users.

Q: Can eQuip! be customized to support different asset management needs?

A: Yes, eQuip! has several out of box solutions. You can find more information here.

Q: Does eQuip! track all equipment or just certain kinds of equipment?

A:  eQuip! tracks everything in the portfolio of enterprise assets, including physical and IT assets, capitalized or consumable assets. It tracks the assets by sites, buildings, offices. It locates assets on a visual map. It also tracks mobile assets like vehicles or items tagged with GPS tracking devices or RFID tags. All the assets are displayed in real-time on an interactive visual map.

Q: Is eQuip! an asset tracking application?

A:  eQuip! does more than just tracking assets. It manages the life cycle fiscal and physical information of  enterprise assets. By integrating the best practices in asset management, it supports all the business processes in asset life cycle management: acquisition, assignment, utilization, inventory and retirement. It is designed to be a platform to integrate the financial and operational information, give the business owners complete control over business processes and support optimal management of asset life cycle costs. Most “asset tracking” applications are point solutions. They only track a sub set of assets, with a limited set of information, in a limited scope of operation, during a period in the asset life cycle.

Q: How does eQuip! integrate with other systems?

A: Ease of integration with other applications is a competitive differentiator for eQuip!. eQuip! takes a unique approach to collecting and integrating data. E-ISG Asset Intelligence has developed the cloud based data collection and integration service, which aggregates vast types of data into one storehouse of information that is available in real time, scalable and accessible using simple API services.

Q: Does eQuip! connect with the Employee Directory?

A: Yes. It connects with Active Directory to import People table. 

Q: Does eQuip! support bar code scanners?

A: Yes, bar code scanners are an integrated part of asset management. We install eQuip! Mobile software on these scanners. The data collected and updated on the scanner is synced real time with the central database. eQuip! Mobile works with any scanners with the Window Mobile OS. Mobile eQuip! supports 1D and 2D bar codes, active and passive RFID tags.

Q: Does eQuip! support mobile phones and tablet devices?

A: Yes. eQuip! Mobile applications are available on iOS, Android and Window Mobile devices. For more details, visit here. 

Q: What are the system requirements for using eQuip!?

A:  eQuip! SaaS is delivered as Software as a Service, requiring only a web browser on the client computer. For customers to install eQuip! On Premise, they will require a Win 2008 R2 or Win 2012 web server with 4 GB of memory and 2 CPU Cores, and 40GB of disk storage. The database server requires SQL 2008 or SQL 2014 with 8 GB of memory and 120GB of disk storage. These servers can be virtualized using VMWare. The network configuration can be on a domain with domain level security and single sign on.