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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

All-In-One Equipment Management Software for Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations that receive federal grants are required to manage the equipment (capitalized assets and equipment) to meet the requirements in Uniform Guidance, which has taken effect starting in 2015.

To understand the requirements and challenges:


Check out how the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management System Can Support the Equipment Management requirements in Non Profit Organizations.

What Can the eQuip! Asset Management System Do for Non Profit Organizations?

  • Manage Physical and IT Assets: track what, where, and who has the assets
  • Keep accurate equipment records with the required asset information: description, manufacturer’s serial number/NSN, ownership, acquisition date and cost, condition, disposition data
  • Report up to date asset inventory by location, by project, by program, by activity
  • Tracking funding sources of equipment, single award or multiple awards
  • Support inventory audit best practices to easily meet the annual or bi-annual physical inventory requirements
  • Provide equipment inventory and reconciliation reports
  • Provide reports on any loss, damage or theft of equipment
  • Provide maintenance records on equipment
  • Support asset disposal and project close out requirements
  • Support audit requests from federal and state funding sources
  • Support asset record requests from insurance providers

Why Choose the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management System for Equipment Management needs?

  • Out of Box system to meet the all the requirements outlined in CFR
  • Software as a Service – no IT resources are required to run the system
  • Low cost – subscription is based on the number of assets in the system

Which Non Profit Organizations Are Using the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management System for Equipment Management?

  • Recipients of Head Start grant programs
  • Charter Schools and Public Schools
  • Research Institutions
  • Humanitarian Services
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