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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

eQuip! Government Property Management system

Compliance, right out of the box

How does the eQuip! software system support Government Property Management?

Track Government Property (GFP and CAP)

By contract, project, task order, purchase order, and site. Track government property and corporate assets in one solution.

Receive/acquire Government Property

Adhere to the control processes specified in FAR 52.245-1

Standardize Government Property Management Business Process

Support industry standard enterprise asset management processes and the FAR/DFARs requirements for government property management.

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Case Study

Tyco installs and manages complex security integration projects, such as intrusion detection systems, access control, and camera systems.

Tyco had a large government customer with nearly 500,000 assets that needed to be reviewed per year, spread across almost 800 locations.

Watch this case study to learn how Tyco Integrated Security uses the eQuip! mobile app to manage thousands of assets for their government customer.

“eQuip! has radically changed what we are doing at Camber for Government Property Management. We have completely automated our process, and we have not gone beyond the tip of the iceberg with the capabilities that eQuip has.”
"The technical support staff at E-ISG has played a critical role in helping AEgis to meet the contractual requirements to upload the data electronically to DoD’s IUID registry."

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