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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

eQuip! Mobile Asset Tracking- Mobile Asset Solutions Made for You

eQuip Mobile Asset Tracking

Track your assets, wherever you are.

eQuip! Mobile App

The eQuip! Mobile App is an extension of the eQuip! Asset Management system. Together, they are not only an integrated application for managing the life cycle of physical assets.

They are a platform for integrating the information collected from mobile devices, RFID readers, GPS devices, and remote sensors to enable timely decision making.

How eQuip! Mobile works

The eQuip! mobile application is an extension of the web based eQuip! asset management software. The eQuip! software is developed to collect information from Internet of Things, using RFID, GPS, Bluetooth technology.

It uses the built-in cameras on smartphones and scanners to scan barcodes. When you use eQuip! your barcode tracking system will already be integrated into the system. With eQuip! for web and mobile, you can perform a quick audit quickly and easily.

The eQuip! Mobile application can also use the Bluetooth function on smartphones and scanners to read low-energy Bluetooth tags nearby. This allows you to monitor your tagging system and ensure all tags are working properly.

Perform common asset management tasks such as:

  • Scanning barcodes
  • Adding assets
  • Searching and editing asset information
  • Auditing assets

eQuip! Mobile Asset Tracking includes:

  • Applications on Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile
  • eQuip! with integrated RFID
  • Asset check-in and check-out
  • Asset thumbnail picture
  • Syncing with eQuip! web app

Scan Barcodes with eQuip! Mobile

eQuip! Mobile allows you to easily scan a barcode using a rugged scanner or your smartphone’s camera.

Case Study: eQuip! Mobile

Tyco Integrated Security had a large government customer with nearly 500,000 assets across almost 800 locations. Tyco was using manual data entry to manage these assets. This lead to substantial costs in terms of time and money for Tyco.

Watch the video to see how eQuip! Mobile helped Tyco manage their assets and achieve greater control of their inventory.

Chain of Custody with eQuip!

You can use eQuip! mobile to issue property to an individual. The individual then acknowledges receipt of the property by signing the screen, creating an electronic signature.

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