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eQuip! for Government Property Management Supports DoD’s IUID Requirements

The Department of Defense’s IUID policy  is designed to uniquely identify and track all items purchased by the Department of Defense. The mandate will have requirements on government suppliers and service providers to create UID for their finished products, submit the IUID data to DOD’s IUID Registry, utilizing DoD’s Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) component of the government’s Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT) system.

Case Study: support the IUID requirements for AEgis Technologies

label options for UIDKey requirements for DOD suppliers:

  • Create UID for all components and embed them in the finished products
  • Create UID for the finished product and establish the parent/child tree of UIDs
  • Submit the UID date to the Wide Area Workflow via DD250 or the DOD IUID Registry via a flat file


Short Videos: how eQuip! supports the key steps in IUID compliance

Key requirements for service providers to DOD, if they manage Government Furnished Property:

1. Update the IUID registry when the following events occur:

  • When the Government Property is received
  • When the Government Property is delivered and shipped
  • When the Government Property is consumed
  • When the Government Property is disposed
  • When the Government Property is transferred

2. Apply UID retroactively to legacy GFP

Key benefits from using the eQuip! Government Property Management system to support IUID Compliance Requirements:

  • Save time and labor in manual data entry and reduce data entry errors
  • Save time and labor in preparing for the RFID/UID files, and submitting to the IUID registry

Key features in eQuip! for  IUID Compliance:

  • Set up fields and workflows to support business processes
  • Import data from other software systems
  • Create UID and validate UID information with the IUID registry
  • Create UID labels for printing on thermal printers
  • Create unique serial numbers
  • Support parent child relationship of assembled products
  • Generate DD250 and submit the information to the IUID registry
  • Create Mil-Std-129 compliant bar code and RFID labels and submit the information to the WAWF
  • Create and submit invoices directly from DLA purchase orders.

Bonus features – eQuip! also manages all your other assets and equipment in the entire organization:

  • Track all assets and equipment used in the production and assemble process, whether they require UID or not
  • Organize all assets by floor plans
  • Provide chain of custody of assets
  • Manage maintenance
  • Support mobile scanners, smartphones, tablet devices running Win Mobile, Android, and iOS
  • Support RFID and GPS tags
  • Store standard and customized reports
Download step by step guide on the IUID Workflow Request a free demo on IUID features