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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Key Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management system

An Enterprise Asset Management system should provide the following functions:

  • Track the physical, financial, and contractual information of physical and IT assets throughout their life cycle
  • Integrate and update data from different sources
  • Provide the operational platform to enable decision making

An Enterprise Asset Management system should be an operational platform to connects with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, while providing the reach and flexibility for end users to update the information whenever, wherever there is a change in the asset status.

The technical requirements for an Enterprise Asset Management system should be: Flexible, Extendable, Mobile. To find out more about these technical requirements, please download our white paper “Key criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management System”. You are one click away from getting the link to this white paper.

Technology is only part of the requirements for implementing an Enterprise Asset Management system. To successfully implement an Enterprise Asset Management system, businesses should evaluate their People, Process, and choose the most appropriate technology to support them.