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eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Mobile Asset Tracking Case Study: Using iPhones to audit thousands of physical assets simultaneously nationwide


The Customer:

Tyco Integrated Security manages the security systems of many buildings throughout the country, including those owned by the federal government. As part of the contractual requirements from several Federal Government customers, Tyco needs to audit the security devices installed in these buildings each year.


Before it deployed the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management system, Tyco had relied on a manual process to audit the assets. The annual inventory process was manual, labor intensive, error prone, and disrupting the customer’s environment sometimes.


Finding an asset management company with subject matter expertise in auditing physical assets that was flexible and easy to use.  It should support using iPhone to audit assets in large scale. The system would reduce the labor hours required to conduct the annual inventory audits.


Within less than 9 months, Tyco implemented the eQuip! asset management system and completed an inventory audit. They were able to:

  1. Migrate all the asset data (~500,000 records) from its existing system to eQuip! – clean up duplicate records, update missing information, add additional fields to meet requirements, and import them into eQuip!
  2. Train hundreds of new technicians on the new process, the new eQuip! mobile application.
  3. Complete the inventory audit of ~500,000 assets to meet the audit deadline.

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