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eQuip Features and Benefits


What is eQuip?

eQuip Asset Management software is an easy-to-use, cloud-based asset management system that lets your organization keep track of its physical assets.

Managing your assets with eQuip improves efficiency in your asset management process. Our robust system enables you to access the information you need, where and when you need it.

With eQuip you won’t just gain information, you’ll boost overall performance. You can customize eQuip to make using this new system easier for your team. eQuip will adapt to your needs to help you improve your asset management exactly where you need it most.

What exactly does eQuip offer?

A robust system

eQuip! home screen on a desktop computer.

eQuip has the features to help you meet your unique goals. Whether you’re tracking in a single office, or keeping tabs on your hardware across multiple countries, eQuip has the tools you need to easily track and manage your assets.

Features include:


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We’ve found that integrations make it easier for organizations to incorporate eQuip with their every-day processes. Depending on the integration, it can also greatly speed up processes that used to be difficult and slow.

We have extensive experience creating integrations for eQuip with ERP systems, HR software, and other systems vital to your organization.

Some integrations we have developed:

  • Deltek Costpoint
  • Abila
  • Active Directory
  • Banner

We develop an integration with third party systems alongside your eQuip instance, so you can be sure everything works well together.


eQuip! Mobile home screen. It has several buttons, reading: "Add assets" "Search and edit assets" and "Audit assets".

eQuip has the flexibility to meet your unique needs. You can work with our on-boarding team to create custom frameworks, workflows, and systems. After onboarding, you’ll have the know-how to make additional changes yourself.

eQuip adapts to your needs on any platform. Access your assets at any time, from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Syncing ensures your data is always up to date.

  • Customizable asset fields
  • Customizable user roles
  • Standard and custom searches
  • Configurable workflows for advanced functions
  • Web-based application works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge
  • Native mobile applications on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices

World-class support

Our team of dedicated account service representatives stands ready to assist your team with on-boarding, account customization, and other ongoing needs.

  • In-depth user and admin guides
  • Support articles for troubleshooting specific issues and learning new functionalities

Secured access

Keep your data secured. Our cloud-based system allows your team to easily add and remove team-members as needed to ensure your data is kept private and safe.

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