Equipment Management Software for Nonprofit Organizations

All-In-One Equipment Management Software for Nonprofit Organizations

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Nonprofit organizations that receive federal grants are required to manage their equipment to meet the requirements in Uniform Guidance.

While Uniform Guidance has taken effect since 2015, many nonprofits still struggle to meet these requirements.

Read more to find out how the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management System supports the equipment management requirements in nonprofit organizations.

Equipment challenges to federal grantees:

Uniform Requirements on managing equipment and property are challenging for many federal grantees. This SlideShare outlines the challenges we have seen many nonprofits face.

Some of the most common challenges nonprofit federal grantees face are:

  • Tracking equipment funding
  • Transferring and tracking equipment between projects
  • Conducting inventory audits in a cost-efficient way

What can eQuip! Asset Management System do for nonprofit organizations?

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Manage Physical and IT Assets

eQuip! allows you to track 3 W’s for your assets: who (who has ownership or custodianship of the asset), what (what the asset is, what the funding code is), and where (the physical location of the asset).

Keep accurate equipment records with required asset information

Set mandatory fields to track exactly what data you need to, and remove irrelevant information. Easily record asset description, manufacturer serial number/NSN, ownership, acquisition date and cost, condition, and disposition data. Report up-to-date asset inventory by location, by project, by program, by activity.

Track funding sources

Understand which equipment is grant-funded, and which grant provided it. Track equipment funding sources, whether they’re single award or multiple awards.

Support inventory audit best practices

Easily meet the annual or bi-annual physical inventory requirements with an equipment management software purpose-built for federal grantees.

Robust reporting for equipment management

Use pre-installed report templates or create your own to create the exact report you need. Quickly provide equipment inventory and reconciliation reports. Produce reports on any loss, damage or theft of equipment.

Why choose eQuip! for equipment management

  • Low cost subscription model enables lean teams to meet their goals
  • Meet all requirements outlined in CFR, right out-of-the-box
  • Software as a Service hosting provides strong reporting without straining IT resources

Nonprofit organizations using eQuip!

Charter and Public Schools

eQuip! enables schools to easily manage federal and state-funded property.

Humanitarian Services

eQuip! helps humanitarian organizations help others.

Research Institutions

Researchers use eQuip! to better manage vital equipment.

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